10 Good Luck Plants For Your Home

Make your home feel lucky by adding plants that bring positivity and good fortune.

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, some plants are found to be an easy and natural way to attract good energy to your spaces.

Superstitious, maybe, but in the spirit of creating your own good karma and luck, here is a list of house plants to boost your good fortune. You never know, these plants might just have you feeling inspired, positive and lucky.

While having any of these super-powered plants in your home may bring good luck, it’s important to note they will need to be cared for. It’s safe to say a wilted plant won’t bring any luck – or clean air – to any space. Every plant needs water and sunlight to thrive. It’s always best to pick the ones that fit your lifestyle and location.


This plant is known in the Asian culture to bring good luck, financial success, and prosperity. And for those who follow the Feng Shui of positive energy, it will bring the “chi” into your home. It’s also a popular housewarming gift and is great to give to someone who is starting a new business.

The Jade is a succulent plant and is also known as the “Money Plant” or “Dollar Plant”. This one is really nice to have in your home as it is easy to keep alive – which is a reflection of its capacity to grow financial stability. Good news for those who find it hard to keep any plant alive. Due to the shape of their leaves, which are somewhat coin-shaped, they are associated with all things money and fortune.

Now we’ve jumped right into one of the “harder to grow” house plants. These guys make you work for their love, and that’s for a good reason because in return for your efforts, they will bring good fortune for the future.

Commonly called Silver Dollar Tree, these plants have coin-shaped foliage. The coin shapes are a mark of fortune to come! Let’s not forget the valuable therapeutic effects of this plant. Try hanging some around your shower head for great health benefits.

Just the scent of citrus adds energy to your spirit. And just the fact that you can grow citrus trees indoors makes me feel lucky and happy. So how does it bring you good fortune? Well, citrus trees have been know to be a sort of measure of fruitfulness. This, of course, depends on how much fruit your tree bears each year. Simply, the more fruit on the tree, the more luck you are said to reap.


Dubbed as the most popular good luck plant for indoors, the Lucky Bamboo is here to bring good fortune and luck to those who own it. This plant is a member of the Lily family and will grow best in a moist atmosphere like a vase of water or pebbles. The number of stalks on you plant has specific meaning. Here are just a few:

3 stalks represents happiness – a wish for new beginnings. Great for a New Year gift or birthday gift.

5 stalks are the five elements of nature – air, water, earth, fire, and wood. These represent balance, peace, harmony, and power … so to be successful in life, you must have 5 stalks in your home or office for achieving your goals with positive energy.

7 is the lucky number, right ! There are 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 days of a week, so this must be the lucky number. The placement of 7 stalks of bamboo can bring more love and romance in your life because they represent togetherness. This togetherness is also perfect for bringing success to a joint venture or a group project.

Is your goal to reach some success? A clear mind is key to achieving any goal. Lavender has many benefits, and calming is the most widely known one. Keeping lavender in your home is a great way to bring balance and calm into your life. Now that’s wonderfully positive!

Many of you are familiar with this plant but probably know it by a different name. This spiky house plant also goes by, Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue and Viper’s Bowstring. With names like those, you wouldn’t believe it is secretly a good luck charm. A great one to have around your home because this plant absorbs poisonous gases from the air and eliminates toxins. Not bad for something with some crazy names.

09 | PEONY
Stunning and vibrant, this lovely flowering plant has been known to symbolize romance, compassion, riches and good fortune. Some say the red and bright pink varieties pass on extra good luck.

With roundish and coin-shaped leaves, it is said this plant is the symbol of happiness, abundance and wealth. The dark leaves are glossy and look lovely and healthy, so it’s a good pick for any room.

While there are a number of plants associated with good luck, we hope this list will inspire you to create a little positive energy in your life and the chance for good fortune and prosperity.