1970’s Home Trends We Think You Should Try In 2024

It’s happening! There is a growing and very strong embrace of the popular trends we loved in the 70’s. Current home decor shows are showing a subtle nod to the best of the 1970s. And why not? Everything back then was alive and vibrant, hip and groovy.

Now it’s a theory that the return to the disco era at home might be due in part to a craving for colour. A nostalgic thought yes, either way, many professional designers are loving this groovy blast from the past. But let’s try not to adopt all of the 1970’s. Like we said, it’s a “nod” to the era.

Working with this “new-old” vibe … we think these cool styles are worth a try with your 2024 decorating plans. See what’s on our soul train radar.


I think we are about to enter a time of unexpected upholstery. I know, I can only imagine what you’re thinking. But yes. That couch you used to snuggle up on at Nana’s house is back in style. Upholstered furniture in some amazing florals, along with fun and funky patterns are fitting right in among solid coloured sofas and armchairs. You might even want to go all in on “maximalist upholstery”. I’m thinking along the line of tassels and patchworks of multiple fabrics. This could be an exciting time to see what designers throw at us in the maximalist world.


Most definitely popular in the 70’s era, and also in the 2020’s … bamboo and rattan can be brought into your home in a variety of ways. Think rattan stools, patio seating and bamboo blinds,. There are a lot of furniture and home decor items out there in the rattan style. Let your imagination go with this one. The options are unlimited.

While the 70s celebrated bold colours, it also loved some organic textures. This is where macramé makes its appearance in the scheme. The woven threads, in many different patterns, is a great addition to a room that needs some texture. Some say its ultra-laid-back look should probably never go out of style.


Let’s go crazy with colour because there was nothing dull about the 70’s. Back then, and now, colour schemes included orange, yellow, and teal, to name a few. Balance that off with warm woods like traditional oak or rattan and you have a seriously happy throw-back vibe. And with the focus on bright decor, you can easily include a few muted shades to create balance if you like.



There is a major resurgence in animal prints. If you don’t want to go zebra, why not try leopard-like patterns? Used as an accessory, it shouldn’t overpower the space. And if you really love this trend, choose a piece of wall art that boasts an animal print.



Popular throughout many decades, this fabric looks luxe !!! Go ahead and make a statement with a sleek velvet sofa, or big velvet pillows. Velvet will automatically soften those super vibrant colours and animal prints you added. If you have a loud, patterned piece in your room, a touch of velvet will tame it and warm it up quite nicely.




Yes, I said shag, as in carpets, cushions, ottomans, etc. They were all the rage back in the 1970’s. In 2024, the 3 to 4 inch fluffy rug is making a more subtle and subdued appearance. Today it’s more about texture. Still fluffy but in a not-so-over-done way. Instead of the whole room in a shaggy carpet, maybe opt for a small area rug or accessory.

These are just a few of the retro trends we are loving. The list is much longer. But you can pick and choose what suits you best.

Curious for more? You might also consider some other 70’s trends, like Exposed Brick, Rounded Furniture, Floating Stairs, Maximalist Wallpaper, Statement Stone Fireplaces and of course there’s the all time classic Sunken Living Room.

So for 2024, find your colours and your textures, add a little nostalgia and have a ball – disco ball – of a good time with your decorating. Go all in with the maximalist, because I think we’ll be seeing more of the 70’s real soon.