Keep Your Roses Longer

A few tips on how to keep your roses lasting longer

Are you in love with roses? Many people feel roses are their favourite flower. These flowers have been called beautiful, classic and romantic, and that’s what makes them a wonderful gift for special occasions – like Valentine’s Day. Everyone remembers when they’ve received roses. From large arrangements to a dozen cut long stems, these flowers are an attractive addition to your space. Even a few flowers in a simple mason jar brighten up a room.

Roses in a vase can last a few days longer with special care. Preparing and caring for your roses with just a few simple steps will keep them living longer so you can savour their beauty and fragrance for a few more days.

Just how long can they actually last? Most roses, when cared for carefully, can last from 7 to 10 days. Of course, this depends on how fresh they are when you buy them or receive them, and how long they have been at the florist shop.

Here are some simple steps to follow to make them last.

Make Clean Cuts

Let’s begin with preparing your flowers. You’ll first want to start with trimming your roses. Be sure to use a sharp knife or scissors. You will want to re-cut each stem before they go into the vase. A proper cut will allow for good water uptake. If you like, do the cutting underwater in a sink so air doesn’t block the end of the stem.

Feed Them

Feed your bouquet with flower food … or add sugar to the water. This helps to provide them with essential nutrients, helping them last longer. You can buy cut flower food at your local florist. Some grocery stores that sell flowers can provide you with a packet as well.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Direct heat and drafts are not good for your roses. Generally, you should never place them near heat vents, air conditioning vents, direct sunlight or any place that is overly warm. The perfect condition for your lovely roses is in a place away from any temperature changes or the elements.

Keep the Water Clean

This is important. Be sure to change the water in the vase every couple of days. Not only does this keep your vase clean, but fresh water will help prevent wilting. Give them a new cut when you change the water. Your flowers will be refreshingly hydrated and looking their best.

Keep the Leaves Out

Be sure to remove any leaves on the lower stems before they go into the vase. This is great for keeping the water fresher – which keeps the roses lasting longer. If you are using a see-through glass vase, keeping the leaves out will make your arrangement look crisp and fresh.

Remove When Needed

Some flowers will last longer than others. In order to keep the arrangement looking at its best, simply remove the wilted and spent looking foliage. As the size of your bouquet gets smaller, transfer it to a smaller vase and creatively make a new beautiful arrangement.

No Fruit Please

Some fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas, which can cause them to go bad sooner when they are close to one another. This is the same with flowers. Flowers are more often than not affected by the presence of this gas. So keeping your vase of roses away from fruit can help your flowers stay in better shape.

Have fun decorating your home with your roses, and enjoy the time it takes to keep them looking lovely.

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