Prepare Pets for the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful for anyone, and especially stressful for pets. While you are cleaning and decorating, cooking and baking, scrambling about and getting ready for guests – your pet’s precious daily routine is disrupted. As a result, they will likely feel very cautious and quite anxious when guests are over. This might cause unnecessary aggressive behaviour from your pet. It’s a given that you will need to help your pet to navigate these changes and seamlessly get them through the holiday season.


You may be incredibly busy with the house and getting food ready for guests arriving that you won’t be able to take your pup for his regular walk. So, instead of changing his schedule – like taking him out earlier or later than usual – ask a friend to come around to keep things on schedule. They can give your dog the daily exercise he loves and bring him back ready for a nap. Once they are napping happily, you can feel much more at ease to continue your holiday preparations.


Providing a safe space is a great way to help keep them from getting anxious and mischievous around guests – especially when everyone is eating and mingling. Using a spare room or a pet crate is the best way to make sure they are away from any stressful situations that might arise. Also, be sure to ask your guests not to bother him while he is in that special space.

By having their own “hang out” place, they can stay there for the whole time your guests are over.


That safe place will probably put your pet to sleep, but if your party gets a bit too festive and loud, pets can become quite scared and over excited. So keep those loud distractions to a minimum by putting on a TV or playing calming music in their hang out place. These sounds will help drown out the party sounds and chatter of your guests and keep your fluffy one feeling happy and comfortable.


While in their safe room or crate, your pet may become a bit restless and want to join you and your guests. The last thing you want is a lot of barking and meowing coming from the other room. So a distraction is important. Try surrounding him with a few of those toys that he likes best. It’s easier to enjoy your party knowing he is having a good time as well. A good tip is to buy a new toy or treat for them when you have any gathering. They will soon learn that when you have guests over, they will get a reward and be more willing to be happy in their safe place.


Some pets might thrive on social interactions and you’ll want to bring him out to meet everyone. That’s great. However, they really should be supervised – especially if children come over. Make sure there is no rough playing or feeding him from the table. If you do see a little something going wrong, speak up and fix the issue. It really is okay to speak up. Should he become anxious, steer him away from the excitement of the guests and back to his comfort zone.

This holiday, give your pet the gift of feeling safe and secure. After all, it is his home as well. With all this in mind, we hope you have an amazing holiday gathering for your family and friends – and your fur friends too.

Not only for when guests are over – these tips will help your pet grow good habits any time of year.

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