Advantages of Investing in a Three-Bedroom Condo

A three-bedroom floor plan is one of the best options for anyone with a family lifestyle, especially for those with more than one child, and for those with grandchildren. Three rooms will give you and your family the opportunity to have some private time with enough space to enjoy moments together as well.

Should you invest in a 3-bedroom condo? Well, let’s look at the advantages.



Most of the time when you set out looking for a home it is usually with a budget in mind. But the size of your new home is also key. One of the most obvious benefits of living in a three-bedroom condo is providing adequate space for your family … and yourself.

It can be a daunting challenge to find a home with enough space for everyone. Choosing a three-bedroom floor plan usually has enough room for everyone and their individual needs. Extra bedrooms mean you don’t have to feel cramped in your own home. Comfort is the key!

Many of us now have multiple hobbies which require space to keep the essentials. And if you work from home, you will want an adequate-sized home office.

Let’s also note that household crowding is a real issue and has a negative impact on mental and physical health. It can also be linked to increased home injuries and social tensions.



After determining your budget, you may just find that a larger dwelling makes for a better investment. And in general, condos are a desirable investment property option. Just like a house, your condo will appreciate in the property market.

Purchasing a 3-bedroom condo-style home can be highly beneficial to you if you are focused on your future. A home is an asset that serves us for a lifetime, so it is wise to purchase something that will last even into the future.

When reselling, a three-bedroom appeals to a broader range of buyers. Larger families, retirees and seniors, who are downsizing will always consider three-bedroom condo living over something smaller. People value extra space for various reasons and needs.



A 3-bedroom condo at MacLean Homes contains a generous kitchen with more cupboard and storage space than in many houses. Plus, more rooms mean more windows for a brighter feel in your home. More bathrooms and plenty of space means less congestion.

And when guests arrive, there is also a sense of luxury and upscale in a 3-bedroom floor plan.



With so few spacious apartments to rent right now, this floor plan would be a hit on the rental market. Those who can’t make a down payment on a home, but have a family to put a roof over their heads, will need to look into renting for a certain amount of time.

In summary … if you have sold your house and are moving to a condo, 1,200 square feet minimum is a must. Over the years, you will have accumulated a lot of furniture, paintings, lamps, clothes and many precious belongings. You will be happy that you have enough space to house 3 sets of bedrooms.

Life can be overwhelming at times, so why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

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Edge 3 in Maple Ridge is nearly complete and will be move-in ready this year. Ask us about our summer offer on the remaining 3-bedroom homes!