Dog-friendly Maple Ridge

What is it about dogs that enrich our lives beyond measure – is it the joy and laughter, the endless faithfulness, or the trusting companionship? These days more than 40% of homes in Canada own a dog .. or two. Because of that, more and more people are looking for dog-friendly locations to adventure and explore, shop and stay.

B.C. Route 7 is the perfect highway for all your dog-friendly days all year round.

Part of that highway route is in Maple Ridge and they have their own “Dog-Friendly Program”. You’ll find dozens of dog-loving services and businesses that are more than welcome to have you and your pup come on in. Add a great variety of outdoor activities and half a dozen off-leash parks and we’re sure you won’t run out of things to do.

Meet Bentley here – He’s a true Maple Ridge dog and knows how to love life in his hometown.

Most of the summer you can find Bentley and many other dogs swimming in the many rivers and waterways around the area.

Here are a few of Bentley’s suggestions:

After a good day on the trails – like at Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls – make a visit to the Bell-Irving Hatchery. Or have a picnic. It’s all there for you.

Jerry Sulina Park at 132nd Avenue and 210th Street is an off-leash dog park with amazing scenery. There is water for swimming and tall grasses to burn off all that super dog energy.

When you make your way back into the city for some lunch, why not pop into a great dog-friendly foodery that also has the best fish tacos you’ll ever find. Taco Fan at 11955  224th Street is a laid back, fun and delicious place to eat any time of day.

Of course, it’s also important to remember to keep your pups well-behaved when making your visits to the local businesses. This way everyone has a good, good time.

For much more about the Dog-Friendly Maple Ridge program, please visit

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