Living Well With Outdoor Spaces

We all know by now that being around nature and fresh air is one of the best ways to unwind and let go. But did you know that it is also one of the best ways to boost one’s mental health and truly reduce stress levels! Studies now show that spending time outside in a natural environment can reduce high blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate. That’s an amazing list considering the simple solution of adding nature to your lifestyle.

Does this apply to all seasons?

Yes. Nature is a beautiful elixir for your well being any time of year. In fact, many people find the cooler crisper air in winter even more invigorating. While others thrive on the warmth of a sunny day.


Do I need to be athletic to get the benefits?

No. You don’t have to be on a bike or hiking a trail. Utilizing outdoor living spaces is the perfect opportunity to spend more time out of the house and in the outdoors. Remember, the benefits of nature are for both mental and physical health. Taking a deep breath in nature and pausing to enjoy the sounds and colours outside are more therapeutic than you can imagine.

Another added benefit to an extra space is that you can also put a personal touch on your outdoor area. Try adding potted plants, rugs and furniture, a fire pit, and ambient lighting. This creates an indoor-outdoor living space. Plus, using outdoor areas for cooking and eating keeps messes and spills outside where they are easy to clean up.

If you are wanting to add value to your home, creating an appealing indoor-outdoor space will increase your standing in the real estate market.

When looking for your next home, consider the outdoor space it can provide you. Edge 3 in Maple Ridge is in one of the most beautiful natural locations in the lower mainland. You can live minutes away from Golden Ears National Park, acres and acres of farmland and rivers. There is no shortage of nature in Maple Ridge.

At Edge3, our 3-bedroom floor plan on the ground level boasts a generous landscaped yard with plenty of trees and foliage. The garden area in this home is fenced for privacy and safety as well. This development is almost complete and will be ready for move-in early 2024.

Think of it this way … nature makes us happy and healthy … even without trying. So find your place outside and live well.

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