Edge 3 Construction Update November 2023

With another floor framed, we are ready to get the final level up. As you view the photos below of the site, you can see that we have chosen to build your home with prefabricated panels … let me explain why.

Prefabricated Wall Panels Are Better Quality

Let’s start with quality. Custom-made in a controlled environment, prefabricated panel walls have a clear advantage over other structure types. When we send our building plans to the factory for manufacturing, the plant will cut, nail and screw the prefabricated structure together in a more quality controlled environment. The results supply more dimensionally accurate and stable panels that are assembled by specialists with high-precision equipment.

Installation Is Quick And Cost-Effective

Now that the walls are constructed to our specifications and building plans, they are carefully labelled for assembly and then shipped to us at the development site. This method of creating walls is waterproof and keeps the prefabricated panels in top quality condition. When they arrive on site, workers can install them according to the building instructions.

Reduces Waste And Keeps It Safe

Traditionally, framing of walls can produce a significant amount of waste. This is a needless increase in project cost. Now add cleaning and waste container rental and your budget can be used up rather quickly. For these reasons, prefabricated panels minimize all the additional costs of site management, maintenance, and insurance as there is no “manufacturing” on site and far less risk of injury or accident.

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